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Digital Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

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Shenzhen Jieyaa Intelligent Technology Co., Limited
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Floor 3, Block 8, Huikai Industrial Park, Shilong Industrial Road, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

Product details

Best Selling Digital Electronic Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock with High Quality for Smart Home and Apartments

Product Specifications



Black、Silver Grey、Gold








Panel Material

Zinc Alloy、Acrylic


Lock Body Mortise

304 Stainless Steel #6068 Mortise


Fingerprint Sensor

Biometric Semiconductor Module FPC


Unlocking Mode

Fingerprint、Password、RFID Card、Mechanical Key


User Register Capacity

(350 Groups): Fingerprint 200、Password 50、RFID Card 100


Identification Time



False Rejection Rate



False Acceptance Rate



Door Thickness



Operating Temperature



Operating Humidity



Power Supply Type

4 AA Alkaline Battery


Battery Life

12 Months


Low Power Alarm

When Blow 4.8V(100 times at least)


Emergency Power

USB Charging Port









1 Year

Product Features and Details

1. Multiple Unlocking Mode

The smart door lock can be unlocked by fingerprint, password, RFID Card as well as mechanical keys.

With double verification mode, the smart door lock can be unlock by combined ways: Fingerprint and Password, Fingerprint and Card, Password and Card.

The smart door lock can also support passage mode and keep the door unlocked.

2. Biometric Semiconductor FPC Fingerprint Sensor

The fingerprint module head adopts the living biometric identification technology imported from Germany, making it 360 degree fast speed identification, sensitive and secure.

Semiconductor fingerprint module can only read living fingerprint and any artificial fingerprints will be refused.

The fingerprint sensor is built on the smart lock handle, which makes it good looking and very convenient to hold and unlock within 0.1~0.3 second.

3. English Operating System and Voice Prompts

The English voice prompts will direct you how to add users of fingerprints, passwords and cards, as well as how to delete fingerprints, passwords and cards, making it very easy to operate.

4. Anti-Peeping Virtual Password Technology

Random digits can be added before or after the correct password to unlock the smart door lock as long as you enter the correct password continuously.

It can prevent the strangers from peeping the correct password and protect your privacy as well as keep your home safe.

5. With built-in doorbell and anti-theft beep alarm function.

6. Touch screen keypad, you can see crystal clear numbers at night.

7. Free-style Handle

Swing the handle up to turn the privacy deadbolt to double lock mode. Press the handle down to open the door. Please note the smart door lock can be locked automatically after you close the door.

8. C-Level Lock Cylinder and Stainless Steel Lock Body Mortise

9. Powered by 4pcs AA alkaline batteries, which can last for as long as 12 months.

10. Low Power Alarm and USB Charging Port for Emergency Power Supply

Before the battery is running out, there will be low power alarm for at least 50 times, warning you to change the battery. And if the battery is running out already, you can also use a power bank to supply the power to wake up the smart door lock.

11. Packaging Content

Smart Lock Front Panel and Back Panel

304 Stainless Steel Lock Body Mortise

RFID Cards and Mechanical Keys

English User Manual

Screws and other Accessories

12. Smart Lock In Application

The fingerprint door lock can be applied in homes, apartments, offices, schools as well as hospitals, which is compatible with wooden doors, metal doors, anti-theft doors, composite doors, upvc doors and aluminum doors.

13. The Opening Direction and The Thickness of The Door

Please pay attention to the opening direction and the thickness of the door. Normally, the smart door lock is suitable for 38mm~120mm door thickness and you can choose the smart door lock handle type according to the opening direction of the applied doors.

A: Left Push

B: Right Push

C: Left Pull

D: Right Pull

Delivery Method

OEM/ODM Service

We offer OEM/ODM service in good quality and very reasonable price, with 100% satisfaction guarantee for every customer. If you plan to do business with a trustworthy company, please feel free to contact us.


If you have any questions on the business cooperation and Jieyaa Smart Door Lock products, please read the FAQs first. If the listed answers still cannot solve your problems, please contact our service team and we will reply you as soon as possible.

1. What is the warranty policy for Jieyaa smart door locks?

We offer 1 year warranty for free ( except for man-made damage) and for bulk OEM order we provide 1% spare units and some main spare parts, which makes it easy for you to handle the aftersales service locally. If beyond warranty period, we can also offer spare parts and maintenance with paid service. We will always provide technical support along the aftersales service period.

2. What is the payment method?

For sample order we recommend PayPal or Western Union and for bulk OEM order we recommend using Bank Transfer (T/T).

3. What is the shipping method you choose to deliver the goods?

For sample order, we recommend using express, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx and for Bulk OEM order, we can arrange it according to the demand from our clients, such as airway and seaway.

4. How long is the delivery time?

It depends on the order quantity, shipping method and the location of your country. For bulk OEM order the production time is 7~10 working days. And the shipping time by airline is 3~7 days for most countries.

Qualification and Certificate

Factory Photos

Related News and Knowledge

How does smart lock fingerprint recognition work and why does a sweaty or watery finger cause fingerprint recognition module to fail

The working principle of intelligent lock fingerprint recognition is very simple. Its principle is very similar to that of computer processing information. The workflow of fingerprint identification can be divided into three steps:

Step 1: After installing the smart lock, the head of the household needs to input fingerprints to let the smart lock know who is the owner.

At this time, we need to collect fingerprints of smart locks, and input the fingerprints of members who need to unlock authority according to the instructions. Generally, good smart locks have large storage space for fingerprints, and can store dozens or even hundreds of fingerprint records at the same time. The work part of fingerprint input is equivalent to introducing family members to intelligent locks one by one, so that intelligent locks can remember their owners.

The second step: Intelligent Lock Center Processing System judges and processes the information inputted by the head of the household.

When the head of a household press the fingerprint with his finger pointing at the sensing module of the fingerprint acquisition window of the intelligent lock, the intelligent lock system transforms the fingerprint of the head of the household into photoelectricity, and compares the fingerprint data with the information in his fingerprint database.

Step 3: Intelligent Lock Center Processing System makes judgments and executes commands.

When the information matches correctly, the fingerprint record is consistent with the database fingerprint record, and the system judges that the fingerprint is the fingerprint of the head of the household, it allows the processing results to be transmitted to the door lock through the power control box to open the door, otherwise it does not open the door.

At this point, the workflow of fingerprint lock is over.

Science has proved that each person's fingerprints are unique. There are no two identical fingerprints, even in identical twins. So it's very, very safe to use fingerprints as "keys" for door locks.

Recently, the weather has also entered the high temperature storm mode. Many small partners also said that their hands were sweating too much. The fingerprint locks at home "refused to open the door." Angel also told you today why finger sweating or finger water can lead to the failure of fingerprint identification module.

At present, there are two main ways of fingerprint acquisition by fingerprint lock, optical and capacitive (semiconductor).

1 Optical

Optical fingerprint head obtains fingerprint information by calculating the different distances of light between fingerprint trench and ridge and acquisition window. When finger has sweat stain or moisture in acquisition window, it will affect the transmission and distance of light, resulting in errors between the acquired fingerprint information and the original stored information, so fingerprint lock identification fails.

2 Capacitive type

Capacitive (semiconductor) fingerprint recognition sensors are coated with narrow electrodes around them. When the finger reaches the fingerprint acquisition window, because the human body is an electric field, the user fingerprint lines and the sensor surface will form a coupling capacitance. For high frequency current, capacitance is a direct conductor, so the finger will move from the contact point. It sucks away a very small current. This current flows out of the peripheral electrodes, and the current flowing through the peripheral electrodes is proportional to the distance from the fingerprint to the peripheral. The controller calculates the proportion of the current accurately and obtains the relevant data of touch lines. Because water is conductive, when fingerprint identification is used when finger is sweaty or window is waterlogged, the current will be affected, so the above calculation is not correct, and the natural identification is out of order.

When users first enter fingerprints, they must keep their fingers and fingerprint acquisition windows dry and clean so as to input correct and clean fingerprints. When users use fingerprints to unlock, drying fingerprints and acquisition windows can avoid most of the fingerprint identification failure.

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